Christine Walker


Christine Walker

Hello!   Thank you for visiting my page.   I am a GoE Modern Energy Coach with a range of skills including  Modern Stress Management Professional & Modern Energy Tapping Professional and I can offer you an accredited training in Modern Stress Management Foundation.

I am an experienced Wellness Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist having been in practice for 15 years.  I have two main specialist areas:

1 - Busy working women aged 40+ who are juggling and struggling with daily life, feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, bored, stuck and often feeling invisible in their own lives.   They may present with a whole range of issues including stress, anxiety, confidence and self-esteem issues, addictions and so much more.

The main objective here is to help my clients to get clear on what change means to them, reinstall the confidence they’ve lost along the way and to empower them to take the steps forward to a healthier, happier, limitless life.  To this end, I help them manage their stress, build their confidence and resilience and increase their happiness by way of training courses, workshops, 1-2-1 support and online learning.  

2 – The Life & Soul Continuum:  past life regression/life between lives spiritual integration/future life progression.  This skillset helps those who wish to have a greater understanding of who they are (a deeper exploration of the Soul) and these techniques are often used when dealing with those newly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, all the way to End of Life Care.

I am a volunteer for a local Hospice working with teens who are pre and post bereaved and in my role as a Bereavement Coach / Grief Therapist, I use Modern Stress Management / Modern Energy Tapping techniques to help them manoeuvre the changing landscape.

Releasing the hold of the Past, Living in the Present, Stepping into a Brilliant Future

Having undertaken my professional training with GoE, I can only describe Modern Energy Techniques as the ‘missing link’ in my therapist’s toolbox.  The GoE training often supersedes my original therapist's training, yet at the same time, it enhances others.   My role as a Modern Energy Coach is a 'go-to' to bring about long-lasting change on the path of self-discovery. 

Unlocking your Natural Potential - Sowing the Seeds of Change - Helping You to GROW

GoE Qualifications:

Modern Stress Management Foundation

Modern Stress Management Professional

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation

Modern Energy Tapping Professional

Modern Energy Coach



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